Cookie Clicker Trainer

The Cookie Clicker Game

The Cookie Clicker game has been getting popular in the last few days and for good reason - the simple game is addictive. This is a trainer I made for the game to automatically play the game.

It automatically clicks on the cookie to earn in-game money and also buys workers and upgrades. Workers and upgrade purchases are based on the assumption that more expensive items are better stragegically than cheaper ones. As prices rise, lower priced goods are less desirable than more expensive ones as they provide lower incremental benefit. Eventually, the lower priced goods will become more expensive than the other goods on the list. When enough cookies are produced for a purchase, the cheapest good is usually purchased.

The trainer's behavior changes over time as the timings become less and less relevant (frequent purchasing intervals in the beginning are better than longer purchasing intervals while longer intervals are better long term).

It's fun to run this trainer and sit back as it spins.

The code is in the gist below - you can run it by pasting it in the inspector (ctrl-shift-j in chromed)

After seeding it with Game.Earn(), it can look pretty crazy. This has got to be a high score.

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